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“If all you want is a simple “brush the dirt off the surface cleaning”, I respectfully ask that you call someone else. You will feel my Allergy Clean Process is the most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever had. The contaminants and antigens that live in your dirty traffic lanes will be gone, making your entire home cleaner and healthier. No spots will come back, or I will re-clean it for FREE. If you are still not pleased, I will refund your payment.” – Markus Bellerue, Owner, Clean It to the Max

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I bring my exclusive 12-step “Allergy Clean” carpet cleaning process to your location!

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Clean It to the Max! Exclusive 12 Step “Allergy Clean” Carpet Cleaning Process

1) The Clean It to the Max Exclusive 12 Step “Allergy Clean” Carpet Cleaning Process starts with a complete inspection of the area to be cleaned. This determines the level of soiling, areas that may require special attention and how the carpet installation is holding up so that seam separations, lose carpet and other issues that can unnecessarily shorten the lifespan of your flooring investment can be discussed.

2) Carpet is prevacuumed with a powerful HEPA-filtration pile lifter, which removes 99% of the particulate contamination, dry dirt and soil BEFORE it is whetted, and much harder to get out. Many cleaners skip this very important step that removes lose soil deep down in your carpet.

3) All stains including red wine, animal urine, etc are pretreated with the correct specialty stain remover.

4) All traffic lanes and walkways are presprayed with a heated solution under high pressure to break down the oily bonds of the soil to the carpet.

5) Then the carpet prespray is mechanically agitated with a special machine to maximize cleaning results while loosening and suspending soils and contaminants for removal.

6) Next, heated solution is Rotary Injected under high pressure and immediately Rotary Extracted, thousands of times a minute. This cleans every side of every fiber, and extracts the dirt, soils, antigens and contaminants out the vacuum hose to my truck-mounted, steam cleaning system parked outside. That dirt and those contaminants will never be in your home again!
Regular “push wands” that most carpet cleaners use only have the ability to clean the front and back of the fibers as the wand is pushed forward and back. Rotary cleaning provides a much more thorough cleaning than any push wand can deliver.

7) Carpet is then rinsed with a special fiber rinse solution to re-establish correct carpet PH level. This helps prevent resoiling, and stains from resurfacing.

8) Deodorizer applied to cleaned carpet. (If requested by client)

9) Carpet wand final extraction and raking which sets the carpet pile and speeds drying.

10) High-velocity air movers are positioned to dramatically increase evaporation. This speeds drying at the carpet surface level.

11) Stain repellent is applied to cleaned carpeting. (At an additional charge, if requested by the client)

12) Final walk-through and inspection of the carpet cleaned with client to ensure complete client satisfaction and approval of service. Client is left with shoe-cover booties to prevent resoiling while carpet dries.

These 12 steps provide the most thorough carpet cleaning Henderson, NV has ever seen!

Providing Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning Services to Both Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

Allergy and asthma sufferers find they benefit from the reduction in particulate contamination that this thorough carpet cleaning Henderson, NV removes.