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Professional Carpet Cleaning

What Makes “Clean It to the Max” Different, and Able to Give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Their Carpet and Tile Cleaning?

1. We use the Rotovac 360i  professional carpet cleaning hot water extraction wand; a new, revolutionary and superior carpet cleaning machine that simultaneously vacuums, sprays, and spins centrifugal at a rate of 250 rpm.  This powerful spinning action agitates the carpet fibers from every direction 360 degrees, digging deep to the root of the carpet fibers where most of the dirt is trapped.   As a result, your carpet is thoroughly cleansed with a new, refurbished look.  This is far superior to the manual wand method that most carpet cleaning companies use today, which only scrubs the carpet in two directions of back and forth, ultimately leaving the carpet partially cleaned. Furthermore, a manual carpet wand cleans mostly just the surface of the fibers, and does not dig deep down to agitate the base of the carpet fiber, where most of the dirt, oil, and grime have fallen over the years.

360i Powers Through the Most Challenging Carpet Cleaning!

2. Our Exclusive 12 Step Carpet Cleaning method is  detailed here. We make use of a professional carpet cleaning and powerful truck mount system. Meaning, all our equipment is professional quality, and only the hose and wand come indoors. Our powerful truck mounted extraction unit is one of the best available. It is completely self contained, and hooks right up to your exterior hose bib, while  simultaneously removing all the dirty carpet water right into my truck mounted receiving tank. The waste water is then safely drained into the sewage system at our office.

Our method is the only professional carpet cleaning method that uses 12 steps, and guarantees the Most Thorough Cleaning. This is especially helpful for people that suffer from allergies and asthma, because the majority of the microscopic particulate contamination that triggers allergies and asthma are removed.

360i vs. Manual Wand

3. Professional carpet cleaning with Rotary extraction creates faster drying times!!  The sophisticated technology of the Rotovac 360i enables for many thousands of vacuum passes over every sq. inch of your carpet due to it high rpm spinning action. These multiple passes extract virtually all of the injected water out of your carpet, yielding quick drying times.

4. Professional carpet cleaning with Eco-green friendly carpet cleaning. We use only green chemicals that are safe for pets and children.

5.  All professional carpet cleaning services are completed by the owner, Markus Bellerue, who has no criminal record, and is a trusted family man, living in Henderson NV. He is licensed, insured and certified to get you the best possible result.

Don’t You Deserve a Really Thorough Professional Carpet Cleaning?


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-Don Manning/Sun City Anthem

“I have had my carpets cleaned many times. Clean it to the Max was by far the best and most impressive results I have seen in carpet cleaning. Outstanding job, friendly staff, and timely.”
-Billie Jo Bellerue/Seven Hills

“Just had my carpets cleaned by Clean it to the Max. If you need yours done at a good price, this is your company. A great job done by an honest fella.”
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