Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing the best carpet cleaning company is now very easy. There are many companies available locally like clean it to the max.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

First you should know all the options regarding the available carpet cleaning methods. There are dry cleaning method that use a cotton bonnet on a rotary machine to rub the surface to remove surface dirt. 

There is other dry method called dry foam where an alcohol based solution is applied to the carpet, agitated and groomed. Then the loosened dirt and chemicals are vacuumed up with a vacuum, once dry.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner that uses significant suction power to remove dry, loose dirt. The challenge with all dry carpet cleaning methods is that they only have the ability to clean the surface of the carpet, and have no capability to rinse. This limits the depth of the cleaning and the spotters that can be used, because the stronger spotters require that they be rinsed out of the carpet before it dries.

Dry carpet cleaning was designed to be used in banks and casinos as an interim cleaning method to be followed every 2 or 3 cleanings by a thorough rinsing with hot water extraction. Dry carpet cleaning was never meant to be used as the only carpet cleaning method, and really does not work well on residential carpet.

Consumers need to understand that dry carpet cleaning has limitations in that:

  1. It can only clean the surface of the carpet
  2. It cannot rinse out the dirt and chemicals used to clean 

Carpet Cleaning

Then there are “steam cleaning companies” , also know as “hot water extraction”.

This starts with a rental unit from the grocery store or rental yard. These machines do not have the power necessary in injecting the cleaning solution or vacuuming the solution into the receiving tank.

Some professional carpet cleaners use larger portable extractors. While these are better than the rentals available, they still lack adequate power to remove as much moisture as possible, so that the carpet dries quickly and does not resoil.

Best Carpet Cleaning Companies

The best carpet cleaning companies use powerful truck or trailer mounted steam cleaning units. These units have the most power in both blasting the soiling by injecting heated cleaning solution, and in removing the most moisture possible. This helps the carpet to dry quickly and be resistant to resoiling. 

Clean It to the Max not only uses powerful trailer mounted units, but they use their proprietary 12 step cleaning method to produce the most thorough carpet cleaning possible. Clean It to the Max’s 12 Step Cleaning Process is detailed here 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Once you know your options, discuss it with your family and friends to get their recommendations. There are different places on the Internet that can offer reviews and testimonials about the companies involved in carpet cleaning. Use these reviews as a decision-making short cut to find a quality carpet cleaner.

You should also find out what chemicals will be used, how long the process will take, and whether or not to move your furniture. Make sure the chemicals used are safe for you and for your children and pets.

If you are planning to hire the best carpet cleaning company, you should let them know the type of surface fiber your carpet has. Nylon carpets like Stainmaster and wool carpets require very specific chemicals with a PH that will not burn or discolor the fibers during the cleaning process.

Be sure your carpet cleaner knows the surface fiber before quoting you a price. If you have wool carpets, be sure to hire an expert to protect your investment in your flooring. It is easy for a novice to ruin a wool carpet, whether it is an area rug or wall to wall.

You can also get quotes from several different carpet cleaners once you determine the best cleaning method for your situation.

No Felons Will Enter Your Home! 

Probably the most important thing is to know who is entering your home. You should make sure you know the history and references of each company and employee. This information will help you keep your loved ones safe. Clean It to the Max is owner -operated, so you know you will be getting the best carpet cleaning possible!

Even home carpet cleaning machines cannot do the same job as a professional. By hiring professionals you can preserve your carpet for years and years.

Lastly, professional carpet cleaning can help most people with allergy problems feel better, once they have a clean the carpet. If you are one of these people, professional cleaning will be your ideal method for you.

Hire a Professional for the Best Carpet Cleaner in Henderson NV

To summarize, the most sensible thing is to let a professional clean your carpet. It is not a particularly expensive process, but it will give you the peace of knowing that your carpet is clean.

If you have been looking to clean your carpet, using the best carpet cleaning company will produce the best and most long lasting results. You do not have to bother doing it yourself, and you will know your carpet will be healthier for your whole family.