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Area rugs are not just decorative elements; they also serve practical purposes, from providing comfort underfoot to reducing noise and enhancing the ambiance of a room. However, they can accumulate dirt, dust, and stains over time, which is why it’s essential to know how professionals clean area rugs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the steps and techniques that experts use to ensure your area rugs remain clean, fresh, and long-lasting.

Understanding the Importance of Professional Cleaning

Making Your Rugs Last Longer

Area rugs are like investments because you spend money on them. When you get professionals to clean them, they can help your rugs stay good for a much longer time. Imagine if your rug is like a piece of clothing. Sometimes, dirt and grime get really deep into it, just like stains on clothes. These professionals are like expert cleaners for your rugs. They can take out the deep-down dirt and grime that regular cleaning can’t. By doing this, they prevent your rug from wearing out or getting old too quickly. So, it’s like giving your rug a longer life.

Making Your Rugs Look Nice Again

Professional cleaning is like a makeover for your rug. Over time, rugs can start to look dull and faded. The colors and patterns on them might not be as pretty as they used to be. But these professionals have special tools and skills to make your rug look almost as good as new. It’s like when you clean your favorite shirt or dress, and it suddenly looks fresh and bright again. This makeover can make your entire room’s decoration look better because the rug is a big part of how a room looks.

Getting Rid of Allergies and Bad Smells

Rugs can be like a hidden home for things that make you sneeze or cause allergies. Imagine if your rug was like a secret hiding spot for tiny bugs and dust that can make your nose stuffy and your eyes itchy. That’s what can happen over time. Also, sometimes, rugs can start to smell not so good. But when professionals clean your rug, they’re like detectives who find and remove these hidden problems. They make sure your home is a healthier and more comfortable place to live. So, you can breathe easier, and your home smells fresher.

Taking Care of Special Rugs

Not all rugs are the same. Some are very delicate or old, like treasures. These kinds of rugs need special attention. Imagine if you had a super delicate piece of jewelry, like a fragile necklace or an ancient family heirloom. You wouldn’t want just anyone to clean it because they might accidentally damage it. It’s the same with special rugs, like ones made of silk or really old rugs that are like pieces of history. Professionals who clean rugs are like experts who know how to handle these special rugs carefully. They use the right methods to clean them without harming them. So, if you have these kinds of rugs, these professionals can help protect and preserve them.

The Professional Rug Cleaning Process

Inspection and Pre-Treatment

Before the actual cleaning process begins, the professionals closely examine your rug. They’re like detectives looking for clues. They check if there are any stains, spots or damage on the rug’s surface. They also pay attention to any special needs your rug might have like being made of delicate materials or having unique patterns. If they find any problems, they use special cleaning products or techniques in those areas to get them ready for the main cleaning process. It’s like they’re preparing the battlefield before the battle.

Dust Removal

To remove loose dirt and dust, the rug is taken outside and gently shaken. Sometimes, professionals use a specialized machine called a rug duster that vibrates the rug to dislodge embedded dust. This step is essential to prevent dirt from grinding into the rug during the cleaning process


A high-powered vacuum cleaner is used to further clean the rug. Professionals thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug to remove any remaining loose dirt and dust. Vacuuming prepares the rug for the actual cleaning process by ensuring that surface dirt is gone.

how to deep clean an area rug

Spot Treatment to clean area rugs

Stains and spots on the rug are individually treated. Professionals apply stain removers or pre-treatment solutions to these areas. They might gently agitate the treatment to help break down and lift the stains. This step requires patience and care to ensure the best stain removal results.


Area rugs can be cleaned using various methods, including:

  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction): This method involves applying a mixture of hot water and detergent to the rug’s surface. A specialized machine then sprays and sucks up this mixture, along with dirt and grime trapped in the rug’s fibers.
  • Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning uses a specific cleaning solution that doesn’t require water. The solution is applied to the rug’s surface, attracting and encapsulating dirt and dust. A vacuum or a dry extraction machine is then used to remove the soiled solution.
  • Shampooing: In this method, a rug shampoo is applied to the rug’s surface. A brush or rotary machine is used to work the shampoo into the fibers. Afterward, the rug is rinsed and dried.


Depending on what your rug is made of, they might give it a good wash. Think of it like giving your rug a bath. They use special soap and machines to clean it deeply but gently. They do this because different rugs need different ways of cleaning.

Rinse and Extraction

After washing, they rinse your rug to get rid of the soap and cleaning stuff they used. They use strong machines to suck out extra water from your rug, so it’s not too wet.


Once your rug is clean and rinsed, it needs to dry properly. Imagine hanging your wet clothes on a line outside to dry. They make sure your rug is placed in a special area where they can control the air and temperature to make sure it dries completely. They want it to be completely dry just like your clothes when you take them off the line.

Fringe and Detail Cleaning

Some rugs have special parts with strings or small designs, like the fringes at the edges. These parts need extra attention because they can get dirty too. These professionals are like artists who carefully clean and make sure these special parts look just as good as the rest of the rug.

Final Inspection after clean area rugs

Before they give your rug back to you, they take one last look at it, like a final check before handing in your homework. They want to make absolutely sure that your rug is super clean and looks great. They have really high standards for their work, and they want to be certain that your rug meets those standards before returning it to you.

Protective Treatment (Optional):

Some professionals offer optional protective treatments, such as stain-resistant coatings or mothproofing. These treatments help preserve the rug’s condition and protect it from future damage.


Investing in professional area rug cleaning is a smart choice for preserving their beauty, ensuring a healthy living environment, and extending their lifespan. By entrusting your rugs to experienced professionals, you can enjoy their aesthetic appeal and comfort for years to come.

Professional need for area rug cleaning

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Q1: How often should I have my area rugs professionally cleaned?

Professional cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months, depending on foot traffic and usage.

Q2: Can all types of area rugs be professionally cleaned?

Yes, professional cleaners have the expertise to clean a wide range of rug materials, from wool and cotton to silk and synthetic fibers.

Q3: Is professional cleaning safe for antique rugs?

Yes, professional cleaners are experienced in handling delicate and valuable rugs, ensuring their preservation.

Q4: Do professional cleaners offer pickup and delivery services?

Many professional rug cleaners provide convenient pickup and delivery options for their customers’ rugs.

Q5: How can I maintain my rug between professional cleanings?

Regular vacuuming, prompt stain removal, and rotating the rug can help maintain its appearance between professional cleanings.


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